Aadhaar Hackathon 2021 | Apply, Online Registration, Last Date, Rewards.

Unique Identification Authority of India is conducting Aadhaar Hackathon 2021 for the first time. It had never been conducted before. It is being organized as part of the Amrit Festival of Independence in India. Hackathon 28. Will be fromth 30 from October 2021. tillth From October 2021. This will continue for two days. There are many engineering students in India. The main objective of this special hackathon is to enhance the young minds of the students. They are full of energy and want to step into the real world. Interested candidates can only apply for and participate in the Hackathon. Even if you are not top skilled, you are advised to attend hackathons to gain experience. This is also the first case of its kind. Aadhar team is running it.

foundation hackathon

Technically, the competition is being organized to create more innovations by the students to solve the various technical difficulties faced by the Aadhar team. Young minds are always innovative and fresh, and so sometimes they come up with much better innovative ideas. Read this article and know about Aadhaar Hackathon 2021, important dates, how to apply, how to register online, last date to apply for Aadhaar Hackathon and contest prizes.

foundation hackathon

This article gives complete details about Aadhar Hackathon, step-by-step guide to apply online for Aadhar Hackathon, process of online registration, last date and details of rewards.

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Important Dates and Details of Aadhaar Hackathon

Let us have a look at the important dates and details of Aadhaar Hackathon, as shown below.

  • The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has announced in a press release that the fair competition will be held from October 28 to October 30.
  • The registration has already started. So, if you are interested, you should apply for Aadhaar Hackathon immediately.
  • Hackathon is organized for young engineering aspirants who are working with different programming languages.
  • More than officers, students will have proper knowledge, and their knowledge will be even more than officers.
  • However, based on some updates, the officials still faced some difficulties today. Hence, they are organizing this hackathon to test their skills as well as take help from the students indirectly.
  • Furthermore, in many processes, several efficient methods may also be possible with shortcuts. All this is expected of the students, and hence the hackathon is being organized.
  • The initial theme of the Hackathon program is Enrollment and Updates, which focuses on the problems faced by the common man in relation to the update of addresses.
  • The latter theme of the hackathon is identity and authentication. It aims to find solutions that are innovative enough to share Aadhaar numbers and other population information.

Basis Hackathon Contest Rules

Let’s look at the rules and guidelines of the Aadhaar Hackathon as shown below.

  • Engineering students who are from Indian colleges are only allowed to participate in the Aadhaar Hackathon.
  • All team members of the team should have proper official Aadhar cards, which should be verified.
  • Teams can have more than one member but must be limited to five members. Also, another important point is that all the team members must be from the same educational institution.
  • A student can participate in only one team.
  • Participating in the Aadhaar hackathon requires the team to solve at least one problem to confirm that they have been included and verified.

How to Apply Online for Aadhar Hackathon, Online Registration

Let us see the online process to apply for Aadhaar Hackathon and the online registration process below.

  • It is to be noted that only students from engineering colleges in India can participate in the hackathon.
  • First, go to official website To apply for Aadhaar Hackathon organized by Unique Identification Authority of India.
How to Apply Online for Aadhar Hackathon, Online Registration
  • Now on the home page you will get the option to register your team. Click on it.
How to Apply Online for Aadhaar Hackathon 2021
  • After that enter your Aadhar number, name of college or university.
Team Registration for Aadhaar Hackathon
  • Also, choose a name for your team. Try to have a good name for your team and stick to the same name for every hackathon you attend. Consistency is the key. You can name it like Hack Gods, Team Hackers or some innovative name.
  • Now enter the captcha which is present on the screen.
  • Now click on Generate One Time Password. Enter the one-time password you received, and then click on the Creative Team option.
  • Now, after the registration process is completed, you will receive the Team Reference Number. Now, the team is created, and you can add as many people as you can to your team.

Aadhar Hackathon Prize Money

The winners will get Rs 3 lakh and the runners up Rs 2 lakh. The next two teams, that is, the third and fourth teams, get one lakh each. Other teams get participation certificates.

All interested applicants must visit official portal And apply online for Aadhaar Hackathon.

FAQ on Aadhaar Hackathon

What is the official website to apply for Aadhaar Hackathon 2021?

What is the prize money to be given to the winners of Aadhaar Hackathon 2021?

Under the Aadhaar Hackathon competition, online users will get a prize money of Rs 3 lakh.

What is the last date to apply and register for Aadhaar Hackathon 2021?

Interested applicants are invited for the Aadhaar Hackathon or 31. Must apply and register beforescheduled tribe October.

Is there any prize money given to the runner-up of the Aadhaar Hackathon contest?

Yes, the runner-up will get a prize money of Rs 2 lakh under the Aadhaar Hackathon competition.


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