CNG Pump Dealership Online Application Form 2021 / Eligibility / License Cost / Investment Cost

What is a CNG Pump Dealership?

If you are someone who wants to set up your own business in near future to earn 6 to 7 marks salary in near future, then this post is for you.

As per the Renewable Energy Policy of 2018 under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, a huge opportunity of CNG dealership is being offered to anyone who is interested. Any interested person who is residing in any district of India can open the following:

  1. cng pump
  2. CBG Production Plant
  3. diesel production plant
  4. RDF Plant
  5. Brick Making Plant 6. Garbage Collection
  6. separation plant
  7. EV Charging Pump 9. Delivery Diesel
    Organic Fertilizer / Carbon Black / RDF / Brick

Who is eligible to get CNG Pump Dealership?

Anyone who is interested in opening a new business or any company that is already invested in other business but is interested in expanding a new business is welcome to do so. However, the person must be:

  • The person must be a permanent resident of India.
  • For CNG New Pump Person it is necessary to have minimum 10th pass as educational qualification.
  • Age limit for eligibility is 21 years to 55 years

Benefits of CNG Dealership

As per the latest statement by the central government, people availing this dealership will get the following optional benefits:

  • Income tax exemption for 5 years
  • government subsidies
  • loans from nationalized banks

Pump Dealership 2021 Online Application Form and Process

You can follow the given steps to apply for license of CNG dealership.

CNG Pump Dealership
  1. First, visit the website:
  2. On the homepage itself, you will be able to see the “Application Forms” tab in the header.
  3. An application form for CNG dealership will appear on your screen.
  4. In the application form, your basic details will be asked about the type of project, investment amount, type of land etc. Fill all the information carefully and click on “Submit Application”.

Alternative ways to apply:

If you are having trouble running the website then you can easily download the Nexgen Energia app and apply from it. Also, if you already have a profile or resume ready, you can email it directly to or businessnge@gmail with the appropriate subject line and details about your intent.

In case you require more details about the dealership, you can just give a missed call on 7419502123 and the company will get back to you within a week.

CNG Dealership Providers

  1. Gas Authority Of India Limited (gail)
  2. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL)
  3. Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL)
  4. Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL)
  5. Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited (GSPC)
  6. Mahanagar Natural Gas Limited (MNGL)
  7. Indo-Bright Petroleum Pvt Ltd (IBP)

CNG Dealership License Cost and Overall Investment

You can check out the cost and investment with each type of pump in the image below:

Business investment amount Properties
CBG Production Plant 2.99 crore (not including license fee) Bankable project and Govt. Subsidy Available
diesel production plant 4.99 crore Bankable Project (License cost not included)
cng pump 75 lakh Including the license cost and operating cost of the pump
EV Charging Pump 30 million License fee and machine cost included
brick making plant 30 million Machine and license cost included
Waste Collection and Separation Plant 2.50 crore
Delivery Diesel / Bio-Fertilizer / Carbon Black / RDF / Brick 1.5 million

frequently Asked question:

What is the CNG Pump Dealership Land/Plot Eligibility Criteria?

land should be
1. Free from controversy
2. Must be in the name of the applicant.
3. Must be at a location which is well connected to highways or main roads.
4. Dimensions for LMV (Light Motor Vehicles) should be around 700 square meters with 25 meters frontage. The plot/land dimensions for transport vehicles are around 1500 sq. 50 m frontage.
5. Must comply with the bye-laws of the Authority.

What type of land will be preferred in a CNG pump dealership?

Preference will be given to any land in the transmission line of the company.

What is the minimum investment required to get a CNG dealership?

The minimum amount required is 75 lakhs.

Which type of person will get preference for CNG Pump Dealership?

Special preference will be given to anyone having adequate knowledge of security and entrepreneurial skills.


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