Kerala COVID Death Certificate, Apply Online, Download

There is a special death certificate to identify how many members have died due to the deadly virus. This is the covid death certificate. The Health Department has made arrangements for recording of COVID 19 deaths in a special column to keep count of deaths on a regular basis. ICMR and Union Health Ministry have worked together and proposed this special idea. The official death information portal of the particular state is In this portal, they will take all the information regarding death and appeals and requests under the new norms.

Kerala COVID Death Certificate

This new system will come into effect from Sunday. Health Minister Veena George said this. It specially released this system to make the process completely hassle free. They have also made this to make the process completely transparent. The process will be easy and simple. Within 30 days or one month from the date of application, it will decide the inquiry regarding the appeal. You can find the application on the official death portal at the website Here only the relatives or relatives of the deceased will be able to apply

kerala covid death certificate

This article explains the complete details about Kerala Covid death certificate, step by step guide to apply online for Covid death certificate, and process to download Covid death certificate online at the official portal.

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How to Apply for Kerala Covid Death Certificate, Download Certificate Online

Let’s see the online process to apply for COVID Death Certificate online on the official portal.

  • To appeal for Kerala Covid Death Certificate, visit the official website and click on the option “Request Appeal”. is the official website of the event.
how to apply for kerala covid death certificate
  • After that, enter your cell phone number. Now you will get an SMS with one-time password on your mobile phone number. Take your time when typing the one-time password.
download kerala covid death certificate online
  • After verifying your information, fill out the form as instructed, which involves typing in the key number that appears on your death certificate.
download kerala covid death certificate online
  • Now you have to enter basic information about the deceased person who died due to COVID. You must provide the following information: name, gender, age, residence and the name of the spouse or father. Additionally, provide the date of death and the name of the local authority that issued the death certificate.
Apply kerala covid death certificate
  • To complete the form, you need to provide the name of the district where the death took place and the name of the hospital that confirmed the death as a result of COVID in Kerala.
Apply kerala covid death certificate
  • Upload hospital papers, such as bills and any data about the deceased person received from the hospital.
  • Once the application is properly submitted, you will receive an SMS with the application number on the cell phone number that you provided while applying.
Apply kerala covid death certificate
  • To monitor the status of the appeal, visit the official website of the form and select “Request Track Status”.
  • After entering the date of death and application number, you will see the status information.
  • Citizens can download the death certificate from the portal after successful submission of the application.
  • This is the process that must be followed to get the Kerala death certificate.

All the family members of the victims can visit here official portal And apply online for Kerala Covid Death Certificate.

FAQs on Kerala Kovid Death Certificate

Which is the official website to apply online for COVID Death Certificate in Kerala?

To obtain the death certificate in Kerala, the relatives or relatives of the deceased person need to visit the official website They can apply on this website.

In case of wrongful death in Kerala, who can file a claim on behalf of the deceased?

In case of death of any deceased person due to Kovid in Kerala, relatives or family members can apply on the official website You can apply for Kerala Covid Death Certificate through the official website.

How many days will it take for the court to examine and evaluate the appeal?

The appeal and review process will take a maximum of 30 days. Thereafter, suitable certificate will be issued after considering the appeal.

What is the process to get certified death certificate in Kerala?

First and foremost, visit the official website and apply for a covid death certificate. The official website for the competition is Then, follow the steps outlined in the preceding section of the lesson. Screenshots are also included to prevent any misunderstandings.


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