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There is facility to apply and register online for birth as well as death certificate. you can do it by Crossory registration. This official portal enables both birth and death registration. They work in collaboration with Panchayats. The necessary declaration form for the father’s signature is available with the Panchayat. Read this article and how to apply, register for birth certificate completely online. A father on behalf of the child can give the father’s Aadhar number, phone number, email id.

Online Birth and Death Registration

This article explains complete details of online birth and death registration, step by step guide to fill online form and apply for birth/death certificate for all states, SIGN UP process, login to official portal online process.

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How to Apply Online for Birth/Death Online Registration Form

Let’s go through the online process to apply for birth and death online and the guide to fill the online registration form as shown below.

  • to visit official website For Online Birth Registration, Online Death Registration.
Online Birth/Death Registration, All State Online Form, Sign Up, Login @
  • The official portal will direct you for the birth and death registration.
  • In the right side box, select the General public signup option.
  • A signup form will appear in front of you.

Sign up for Online Birth and Death Registration

Sign up for Online Birth and Death Registration
  • Father’s details have to be given in the username, mobile number and email id options.
  • Make sure not to get these details from a stranger and only give your details (assuming you are the father).
Sign up for Online Birth and Death Registration
  • The date of occurrence of the event means the day the child was born.
  • Click on it and choose the date.
  • Select State and District, Sub-District, Village and City Name.
  • The registration unit as per your region will appear. The registration units are usually panchayats.
    Online Birth and Death Registration Form
  • Enter the captcha and then click on register.
  • A message will appear on your number that you have been successfully registered.
  • Now, you have to activate your given email id.
  • Go to your mailbox and check the latest email.
    Online Birth and Death Registration Form
  • You will receive an email from crsorgi.
  • You will receive a login ID and a link.
  • Copy the login ID and click on the link. The page will direct you. Paste the login ID there and create your new password. Do not share this password with anyone. Keep it carefully.

Procedure to login to the Birth and Death Registration Portal

Procedure to login to the Birth and Death Registration Portal
  • Now click on submit.
  • Now, going back to the official portal. Enter your Login ID, which is your User ID. The password you created is your password.
  • Now, click on Login.
  • On the top right, you will see a horizontal list of options.
Login to the Birth and Death Registration Portal
  • Among those options are the options of birth and death.
  • choose accordingly; Now, we will show the process of birth certificate application.
Login to the Birth and Death Registration Portal
  • Go to Birth and then click on Add Birth Registration.
  • The reporting date is the date of birth. Another thing to note is within 21 days of delivery; Only you will be allowed to create the certificate. So, keep this in mind and apply well before advance.
  • Now the information of the child is sought, which also includes the Aadhaar number. If Aadhaar card is not generated then leave it blank.
Login to the Birth and Death Registration Portal
  • Now, the details of the place of birth are asked. You have to fill district, state etc. Some mandatory details are marked in red asterisks. They are mandatory.
  • You have to fill father’s name, aadhaar number, mobile number, email id.
  • Now, enter the mother’s information.

All State Birth/Death Online Form

Apply Birth and Death Registration Portal
  • Now, enter the address of the parents at the time of birth.
  • Now the permanent address of the parents is asked. This is the address that is present on the Aadhar card.
  • Now, click on Save.
birth and death online form
  • Now the religion, the qualifications of the parents are asked. fill them in.
birth and death online form
  • Now fill the profession of parents.
birth and death online form
  • Now you have to fill the declaration form. The declaration form will be available in your nearest Panchayat.
birth and death apply online form
  • After that upload the filled declaration form.
  • Now, click on Save, and a document will appear in front of you.
birth and death online form
  • At the bottom you will see the Registration Unit. Carry the printout with the father’s signature at the particular place.
  • Carry a photocopy of the father’s Aadhar card and submit it to the registration unit.
  • Our . Keep visiting the official portal by using login Details for further updates.

All Interested Applicants Can Visit Here official portal And apply online for Birth and Death Registration Form.

FAQ on Birth/Death Registration

Can we apply for birth certificate online even if we are born at home?

Yes, you can apply for a birth certificate even if the birth is at home. You will also find home options under the hospital during the registration process.

Can we use this portal for death registration also?

Yes, we can use this portal for birth as well as death registration. For death, registration is slightly different but almost the same process.

How do I know if my application has been rejected?

Visit the official portal, log in with your details. When you click on berth, you will see that your application has not been rejected.

What is the official portal link to apply online for Birth or Death Registration?

The official portal for online registration for birth or death is As mentioned in the article above, you can use this website to apply for birth certificate.


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