SOF NSO Science Olympiad Foundation Online Exam 2021|Apply Online Registration Form Status

Step by Step Process to Apply Online for SOF NSO Exam & Online Registration Form 2021, Status, Dates &

SOF NSO Science Olympiads are conducted every year for the students of class 1 to class 12. All recognized schools in the country are eligible to participate in the examinations conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The purpose of these competitive exams is to make the students compete with other students who are on the same educational level. In these exams, students have to take tests on various subjects like maths, science, English language and computer technology. Students are assessed on the basis of their marks in Scientific Reasoning and Reasoning Ability. In addition, there are scholarships up to 1 lakh for meritorious students.

Interested students can apply for SOF NSO Olympiad exam by applying and registering on the official portal

SOF NSO Olympiad Online Exam 2021

This article explains SOF NSO Olympiad online exam, process to apply online, registration form 2021, status, dates and syllabus at official website.

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Apply Online for SOF National Science Olympiad Exam @

  • Visit the official portal of SOF NSO Olympiad Exam.
  • It takes the applicant to the home page given below.
  • Click on the option, Online Registration for Schools and Students.
  • It displays the below page.
Apply Online for SOF National Science Olympiad
  • Let us see the process by clicking on the registration by the students out of the three options.

Online Registration Form

  • In the first section, enter the school details like school code, school name, school phone, country, state, city, pin code, principal name, school email id.
Online Registration Form
  • Answer the question- Has your school participated in SOF exam before.
  • In the student details section, enter the student’s name, gender, class, section, student’s mobile number, email id, parent’s name, country, home address, state, city and pin code.
  • In Olympiad Examination section, please select the class to view Olympiad.
  • In the Book Purchase section, please select the method of delivery of the books.
  • You can select eBooks or Physical Books as per your choice.
  • Select Work Book and Book of Reasoning.
SOF NSO Science Olympiad Foundation Online Exam 2021|Apply Online Registration Form Status
  • You can then view the complete payment details, as shown below.
  • In the captcha, answer the simple math question and enter the field provided.
  • Verify all the details and click on submit button.

Note: Similarly, schools can download the application form by selecting Download School Registration Form. The forms are different for different schools.

How to Check SOF NSO Online Exam Application Status

Applicants can check the status of their application by checking their registered mobile number and email id given at the time of registration. Applicants get their mobile, email and website. Candidates are advised to check their mobile, email and official website.

Science Olympiad Online Exam Schedule (Dates) 2021

Let us have a look at the exam schedule for SOF NFO Online Exam which will be scheduled on 7th November 2021.

  • Go to the home page of the official SOF portal.
  • On the home page click on SOF Exam Schedule, where you can see the detailed schedule of SOF Exams.
  • After that it redirects to SOF Exam details, as shown below.
Science Olympiad Online Exam Schedule (Dates) 2021
  • Each exam consists of 3 sets (Set A, Set B and Set C).
  • The exam is divided into SOF IGKO, SOF IEO, SOF NSO and SOF IMO.

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Syllabus for Olympiad Foundation Exam

The syllabus for SOF NSO exam is different for different classes from class 1 to class 10. Let us look at the detailed syllabus of each class as shown below. Click on each class to see the detailed syllabus for each class.

Quick Links

SOF NSO Olympiad Official Website

SOF NSO Science Olympiad FAQ

Which students are eligible to participate in the Olympiad exam?

Students of class 1st to 12th are eligible to participate in SOF NCO. However, there is no other eligibility criteria like minimum marks.

What is the official website for referring books/materials related to Olympiad?

Reference books and materials related to Olympiad examinations can be accessed at

When can we expect the results of the Olympiad exams held every year?

The results are generally declared after eight weeks of each exam.

In which language applicants can take the Olympiad exam?

Applicants can attempt the test in English language only.


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