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Earlier this month, the Haryana Chief Minister announced the launch of a new initiative called Har Hit Store Franchisee in the state. Amidst all these activities is a hitherto franchising shop. Following this plan, a new 2000 Har Hit store would be built, which would be officially opened by a government official with the help of the local community. According to the statement, in the coming months, Harhit stores will operate in both rural and urban areas of Haryana. Even more, the stores are expected to open soon, taking the total number of stores to the 5000 mark or the 5 thousand mark.

This program mainly deals with helping youth to start their own small businesses and then develop them into successful enterprises. This article provides a comprehensive description of the new strategy proposed by the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar. This post will provide you with additional information about the new Har Hearth Store franchise program. To know more about the application process and how to register for the program, visit the official website of the program. The official website of the company is located at www.harhith.com (in English).

Harhit Store Franchise

This article gives complete information about Har Hit Store Franchisee, Store Features, Step by Step Guide to Apply Online, Online Registration Process on Haryana Har Hit Store Franchisee official website.

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Key Features of Harhit Stores

Let us look at the salient features of Harhit Stores launched by Haryana State Government.

  • convenient shopping facility
  • Wide range of products under one roof
  • best quality products
  • pocket friendly prices
  • Customers can get attractive offers, discounts and plans

How to Apply Online for Harhit Store Franchisee, Online Registration

Let us see the online process and online registration process to apply for Harhit Stores Franchisee.

  • First and foremost, you need to fill out an application on the company’s official website To become a Har Hai Stores franchisee. The official website of the company is located at www.harhith.com (in English).
Haryana Harith Stores
  • After that, you will be redirected to the main page of the website.
Haryana Harhit Stores Apply Franchise
  • Sign up and login are both available on the main page of the website and there is an option to register.
  • The registration process will start after clicking on the registration button, indicating that you are registering for the first time.
Harhit Store Online Form
  • After completing the previous step pick up every Heath Store Franchisee Application Form that appears on your computer screen and fill it completely.
Harhit Stores Franchise Registration
  • Aadhar card holders should provide basic information like their family ID, name just like their Aadhar card, residence, telephone number and the district in which they reside.
Harhit Stores Franchise Registration
  • Then, click on the option that says “One-time password generator”.
  • After you log in using the one-time password generated by you, click on the “Submit” button to finish the process.
Haryana Harhit Store Login
  • Complete the remaining forms and then upload any supporting paperwork that is asked on this page to complete the application process.
  • Finally, complete the Har interest registration form by pressing the “Submit” button on your computer.

All interested applicants must visit official portal Apply online for Har Hit Stores and Haryana Hit Stores.

Frequently Asked Questions on Haryana Hit Stores

What is the official website to submit the application to become a Harhit Stores Franchisee?

The official website to submit the application to become a Harhit Store Franchisee is www.harhith.com. The Harhit Stores Franchise Program is described in detail below. Haryana Chief Minister recently announced the launch of a new program to benefit the state of Haryana. Every Heath Shop Franchisee is the name of this establishment. Under this scheme a unique 2000 Har Hit shop will be set up, which will be inaugurated by a government official in collaboration with the local community. According to the announcement, shops of every interest will remain open in both rural and urban areas of the state of Haryana.

How many Harhit stores will open initially in rural and urban areas of Haryana?

Initially, out of 2000 stores, two thousand stores will be open in rural and urban areas of Haryana. Then gradually this number will become five thousand five thousand. Then it would add 3000 to each of the already existing heath stores and the surplus of each heath stores.

Who started the Harhit Stores franchise program?

The program was initiated by Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the state.

What is the application submission process for the Harhit Stores Franchise Program?

Firstly, visit the official website www.harhith.com and fill the registration form. Then follow the steps mentioned in the previous article to complete the process. To prevent any misunderstanding, screen images have also been provided to you. After reading this essay, you should have a clear understanding of Harit Stores System.


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