Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) – Best Sites 2021, Direct Links

Typing is very important for learning in this fast paced world. Now, what is even more important is typing faster and faster. So, everyone is learning to type faster. This includes having regular tests. Tests reflect defects, speed, required improvements. Hence, everyone is obsessed with maintaining the top marks and touching the 100 words per minute mark. Of course, this requires their hard work, perseverance and hard work.

Typing Test is designed with utmost precision so that it can give user performance as well as experience. As English is used all over the world, it becomes essential to master the language and its related functions. All keyboards have English alphabets written for a reason. If you are looking for the best sites for Online Typing Test 2021, it is (5/10/15) Minutes. Read and learn about those sites and the direct links provided to them.

online typing test

This article gives complete details about Online Typing Test (5/10/15) Minutes, How English Type Test Works, Essential Tips and Direct Links for Online Typing List 2021 of Best Websites.

How English Typing Test Works

Let’s see how English Typing Test works.

  • You need to choose a suitable working keyboard that you are comfortable practicing on. You should continue this the entire time you practice.
  • If you type keyword typing test in google search bar, you will find bunch of typing test websites. The mechanism of English Typing Test is now explained.
  • You have to type as many words as you can within the given specific stipulated time. Then it will show you gross words per minute and net words per minute.
  • After the time is up, you will immediately show words per minute, which is the result. By looking at this you should judge yourself and where do you stand in terms of typing.
  • Speed ​​is not only the skill required but accuracy is equally important. Imagine that a particular document is being typed at great speed but with various mistakes. It becomes a double task.
  • It’s close to being better done by someone else who is slow but accurate. So, these two skills speed and accuracy go hand in hand. This thing should be kept in mind.
  • The result of the English Typing Test also shows the number of words you misspelled, the error rate, accuracy, etc.
  • This is real time data. Usually five letters count as a word in counting English typing speed.
  • You can improve your speed by seeing your result.

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Other Essential Tips for Online Typing

  • Maintain correct posture while practicing typing
  • Try to calculate the best screen time for you. Do not spend much time on the computer.
  • Try to be persistent. Determination, practice and accuracy are the keys.
  • Keep your spine straight.
  • Do not take an interval of more than 2 days during the exercise. Practice every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. This will help you stay in the habit.

how to start english typing test online

This article will show you how to start and participate in an online English typing test on a simple website.

  • go to official website for the English Typing Test, and register for the exam. Its domain indicates that it is renowned for its intended function and is both old and experienced in doing so. As a result, it can provide you with the most satisfactory results.
Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) - Best Sites 2021, Direct Links
  • It will show the official website in front of you.
  • You can see a variety of options on this page, which you can check out more. To begin, choose the length of the test from the drop-down option.
Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) - Best Sites 2021, Direct Links
  • You can then choose the kind of exam you want to take. Optional categories include simple, medium, complex, blind and difficult spellings, among other things.
Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) - Best Sites 2021, Direct Links
  • Now, click on Start Test button.
  • Now you can enter the phrase that appears on your screen with full focus.
Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) - Best Sites 2021, Direct Links
  • Incorrect words are highlighted in red. You have the option to erase and start again or just go with the flow. If you are a novice, it is recommended that you delete and rewrite.
Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) - Best Sites 2021, Direct Links
  • After finishing there you will be able to see the result of the exam.
Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) - Best Sites 2021, Direct Links
  • You can check your typing speed, net speed, accuracy and results of your previous matches on this page.
  • You have the option to re-appear or take another test. You can find several options just on the left side of the screen to websites.
Online Typing Test (5/10/15 Minutes) - Best Sites 2021, Direct Links

Best Sites for English Typing Test 2021 – Direct Links

Here are the Links to the Best Sites for Online English Typing Test

All Interested Candidates Can Visit Here official portal And avail online typing test.

FAQ on Online Typing Test

What is the main purpose of Online Typing Test?

Online Typing Test Software helps the online users to improve the speed and accuracy of the candidates.

What is the time limit available to check typing speed online on Typing Test Portal?

Online users can check their typing speed online in regular time limit of 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes.

Can I avail Typing Test Online at official websites for free?

Yes, most of the time, websites are providing online typing test services online free of cost.

Who can attempt the Online Typing Test on the official websites?

All the interested candidates can attempt the online typing test on the websites.


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